“Some People Never Learn”

THE CHEMISTRY SET – “Some People Never Learn” (BOB 29) April 1989

The Chemistry Set “Some People Never Learn” – This flexi-disc was given away in ‘Bucketfull Of Brains” issue #29: There was no feature on the band, just the flexi and according to the editorial the number is a cut from their forthcoming album, “Sounds Like Painting” on Semaphore (presumably a 1989 release).

The album never came out though and no one else has ever bothered to create a YouTube video for the unreleased “Some People Never Learn”. (so I have done the honours).
Curiously though, inside the magazine there is a review of the album, and a very positive one too! Therefore promo tapes were in circulation.

“Some People Never Learn” is a hard-driving psychedelic rocker, the rhythm section is tight and the production sounds modern and of it’s time. Clearly, The Chemistry Set weren’t interested in trying to create 1967 in 1989.

I was a bit curious as to why the album never materialised and found an online interview from 2008. The link is from Terrascope

So tell us about ‘Sounds Like Painting’. Why was it never released?

Dave McLean: You don’t take any prisoners, do you?! You have just made me have to go and make an appointment with my psychologist. I thought I had recovered and now you go and mention ‘Sounds Like Painting’. Noooo! The horror!

It’s January 1989. Four boys go off to a residential 24-track studio on a farm in Norwich and record what had been in their heads for the last 12 months. Result: a reasonably good record.

Next thing was, we sent out a couple of hundred promos to record companies, radio stations, fanzines and magazines and get a fantastic response. A number of European and American indie labels wanted to bite our hands off to release it but… being young and big-headed we thought we could get a bigger and better record deal.

But guess what? A bigger deal never came along (a useful lesson for all young bands to learn). We were stubborn and we wanted to wait. But we waited too long. We did record and release lots of other stuff but as time wore on, ‘Sounds Like Painting’ just sat on the shelf.

It’s a bit of a myth. I had a re-listen to it recently and it sounds very dated and distinctly 80’s, and the drums sound truly appalling (not the performance!). I appreciate that some people get off on it and that people love an unreleased record, but the new songs are ten times better.

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