“Awake I Lie”

THE ELEVENTH DREAM DAY – “Awake I Lie” (BOB 23) April 1989

The Eleventh Dream Day “Awake I Lie” – When I spoke to New Rose recently, they told me that in response to the massive acclaim the band have received in Europe they are keen that the Eleventh Dream Day should tour in a few month’s time.

The label will also be issuing the band’s hard-to-find debut mini-LP “Eleventh Dream Day” soon. In the meantime a three track EP has just been issued – running to over 15 minutes the EP includes “Southern Pacific” (possibly the same recording as the “Howl” version) and “Tenth Leaving Train” plus one new band composition called “Go”

The EP will appear on both Ameoba and New Rose).

After hearing the Eleventh Dream Day’s track, “Awake I Lie”, on this issue’s free single you should need no further prompting to scarf up the band’s other records – you will not be disappointed! (Bucketfull Of Brains)

Live at the Paradise Lounge, San Francisco 6th March 1989

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