THE SEERS – “Flyaway” (BOB 18) March 1988

The Seers “Flyaway” – Inside ‘Bucketfull Of Brains, Issue #24 was a two-song flexi-disc featuring Gene Clark and The Seers. Here’s what BOB said about the track “Flyaway”.

The second track on this issue’s flexi-disc is “Flyaway” by The Seers. Since we last covered this band (in issue #22), they’ve already been signed to Rough Trade. Their first release is “Lightning Strikes” – a great pop-rock reworking of the old Johnny-goes-off-to-war chestnut carried off with blazing guitars and razor sharp vocal hooks and a nod to the Clash’s “Tommy Gun” at the end.

Our track “Flyaway” isn’t available elsewhere and will give you some idea of what The Seers are about – the NME compared this to the Jesus And Mary Chain’s “Some Candy Talking” – what do you think? (Bucketfull Of Brains)

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