“Hop The Twig”

THE COURETTES – “Hop The Twig” / “Only Happy When You’re Gone” (Damaged Goods Records 555) April 2021

The Courettes “Hop The Twig” – The latest 45 from The Courettes also makes it into “Thee Crypt” and it’s a richly deserved entry.

“Hop The Twig” is not an instantly memorable number like “Want You! Like A Cigarette” purely because this cut is a lot harder edged, however, one can’t help but fall for the spirited Duane Eddy inspired reverb ‘n’ twang thrill of the opening guitar riff.

Pure dynamite and it’s this rock-a-beat rhythm pulse, along with the period style echoed drum pounding that gives “Hop The Twig” long-lasting reACTION!

Stir into this potent mix some ’50s style rock ‘n’ roll piano along with thee cavegirl screams from the exceptional Flávia Couri and we have another untamed hot disc.

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