“Come Along”

THE MAGGIE’S MARSHMALLOWS – “Come Along” / “Born Loser” (Get Hip GH-261) September 2014

The Maggie’s Marshmallows “Come Along” – I’m a bit late discovering this potent teenage drama-rama garage punk 45. But it’s better late than never!

Maggie’s Marshmallows hail from Prague in the Czech Republic, not a country usually associated with fuzztoned wanton mayhem.

However, this disc contains the perfect type of garage punk that I have loved for decades. Simple, straight-forward, uncomplicated and a nasty noise created by young outsider punks with enough fuzz and moodiness to stop rampaging elephants in their tracks.

The lead singer / bass player hides her face behind long hair and plays barefoot, the drummer lays down a glorious primitive beat and the lead guitarist is tall, lean, even mysterious and dressed to kill.

A perfectly formed fuzzy disturbance and a disc richly deserving its place in “Thee Crypt”.

Their Facebook page hasn’t been updated since 2018 so it appears all over for this Prague outfit.

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