“Goodnight God Bless”

THE MOURNING AFTER – “Goodnight God Bless” / “Ain’t My Woman” (Chaputa! CHR 7029) April 2021

The Mourning After are an enduring and much admired garage band from Sheffield. After years of inactivity they’ve recently started gigging and creating music again.

Some of their home-studio recordings from “The Purple Pit” have recently surfaced on limited 45 pressings and this powerful two-sider on Chaputa! Records is one of their best ever.

“Goodnight God Bless” has insidious fuzz and tremolo effects throughout underpinned by the snaking Seeds like repetitive keyboard riff.

Vocals are crisp and clear, the drummer batters away at his kit effectively and the production is intentionally raw and uncluttered culminating in a garage punk sound that is impossible to ignore.

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