“Till The End Of Time”

THE SOUND REASONS –  “Till The End Of Time” / “If I Cared” (Groovie Records GROO110EP) December 2013

Back in 2013 Los Angeles based outfit The Sound Reasons unleashed their debut 45 on Portuguese label Groovie Records.

On the flip of the single is “If I Cared”, a battering-ram of unhinged fuzztoned guitar and quick / slow tempo changes.

It’s an authentic sounding ’66 garage punk raver and a number that has earned its right to be included within “The Crypt”.

The Sound Reasons released their album “Walk With My Shadow” in 2018 and it’s a slab of wax that I’ve not yet heard.

If the material is as strong and soaked in primordial fuzz like the gem “If I Cared” then it’s sure gonna be a mind wrecking trip when I finally get to hear it!

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