“Air Balloon Road”

AIR BALLOON ROAD: “A Sarah Compilation” (Sarah 545) April 1990

This CD is quite rare and sought after because it collects the early single sides, EPs and the occasional 10″s released on the collectable Sarah Records label.

One look on eBay and Discogs and you can perhaps see why having these precious slabs of jangle indie pop on one handy CD is a worthy investment. The singles sell regularly for high amounts. I was shocked to learn, for instance, that the first record released on Sarah, “Pristine Christine” by The Sea Urchins is valued at around £300.

There wasn’t much effort went into this CD release if truth be told. One single glossy piece of paper for the front cover, the other side is white with no photos, no writing, no information about the track selection . . . a beyond basic attempt at an early 90s CD.

Thankfully the sound quality of the compact disc is excellent throughout and the sound is full, vibrant and detailed.

Air Balloon Road (SARAH 545) is a collection of songs originally released by Sarah Records on early singles and albums which had never been previously available on CD because CDs were really expensive in those days. It was designed to be listened to on board the 545 from Hanham into central Bristol, which ran along Air Balloon Road in St George, though only in the evenings and on Sundays.


01 ORCHIDS – “It’s Only Obvious”
02 ANOTHER SUNNY DAY – “I’m In Love With A Girl Who Doesn’t Know I Exist”
03 SEA ORCHIDS – “Please Rain Fall”
04 FIELD MICE – “If You Need Someone”
05 ORCHIDS – “Underneath The Window, Underneath The Sink”
06 St. CHRISTOPHER – “You Deserve More Than A Maybe”
07 FIELD MICE – “End Of The Affair”
08 GENTLE DESPITE – “Darkest Blue”
09 GOLDEN DAWN – “George Hamilton’s Dead”
10 FIELD MICE – “Sensitive”
11 WAKE – “Carbrain”
12 BRIGHTER – “I Don’t Think It Matters”
13 SEA URCHINS – “Pristine Christine”
14 14 ICED BEARS – “Come Get Me”
15 GOLDEN DAWN – “My Secret World”
16 SPRINGFIELDS – “Sunflower”
17 ANOTHER SUNNY DAY – “You Should All Be Murdered”
18 St. CHRISTOPHER – “All Of A Tremble”
19 ACTION PAINTING! – “These Things Happen”
20 POPPYHEADS – “Dreamabout”
22 ORCHIDS – “Blue Light”
23 BRIGHTER – “Noah’s Ark”

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