“People Ask Me Why”

THE DOVERS – “I Could Be Happy” / “People Ask Me Why” (Reprise 0439) Nov 1965

The Dovers “People Ask Me Why” – They were from Santa Barbara and virtually ignored back in the mid ’60s. Their fragile sounding folk rock was probably never heard by anyone except their loyal fan base (if they had one). Lack of any promotion and decent gigs meant that The Dovers’ perfect moody teen jangle wouldn’t even be a footnote in the history books.

This twin spin, recorded at the famous Gold Star Studios was first released on the tiny Miramar label based in Hollywood. It was released on Reprise some weeks later.

Front man and songwriter Tim Granada had the talent and his band of Dovers had thee sound but it seems that Los Angeles and the important movers and shakers in the record industry were oblivious.

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