“House Of Love”

THE HOUSE OF LOVE – “Best Of” (Fontana 558 323-2) 1998

Thankfully this was a cheap second hand CD costing no more than a small bag of pink lady apples cos I’d be rather disappointed If I’d forked out for an expensive new copy (if it’s still in print).

The selection is mostly made up of their inferior Fontana recordings, there are a couple of tracks from their Creation label days, “Shine On”and “Destroy The Heart” but they’re both re-recordings and are not a patch on the quickly recorded and mastered indie performances. “Christine” even sounds different and probably re-mixed and tweaked for this CD release.

The selections are all quite safe and radio friendly tunes for the masses with gated drum rhythms which I despise and go nowhere fast. I think there are some pretty songs here but they’re destroyed by the modern beats.

John Peel, who hailed The House Of Love in 1987/88 wouldn’t have gone anywhere near this risk-free major label type of music, that’s for sure.

I’ll stick with the first album on Creation.

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