“I Can’t Control Myself”

THE TROGGS – “I Can’t Control Myself” / “Gonna Make You” (Page One POF 001) October 1966

The Troggs “I Can’t Control Myself” – Yes! The Troggs have done it again. “Oh no,” yells Mr Presley at the beginning of this record. But oh yes, The Troggs have done it again. Another number one on the way.

The Troggs’ well developed signature – the ba bahs’ and the solid Presley sexiness are all apparent. A more mature and hideously evil sound on this song than they’ve managed before. Actually the lyrics – if you knew what I was thinking says old Reg your hair would curl – are rather splendid. Wowee.
(Disc & Music Echo, 01/10/66)

Reg will have to mumble

The hazards of being a top pop star can be far removed from the image of beer and skittles: ask anyone who’s ever had a hit and done the rounds of ballrooms, clubs and theatres. The Troggs are one of the latest groups to find how difficult things can be.

I spoke to Chris Britton in his hotel room at Wolverhampton just before he and the other Troggs went off for another concert on their tour with the Walker Brothers and Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich.

After three hit records, sales of well over eight million throughout the world and a vast fan-following, The Troggs have become part of the real pop biz scene. How, I asked Chris, were they getting on with the other members of the clan?

“We don’t get much of a chance to meet them,” he replied “We’re living in suitcases. We only see other people in studios or when we go down to the Cromwellian for an evening. We’ve got on well with the people we have met though.”

Chris added that the artistes on the tour were all getting along famously. Various members of various groups were wandering about in one another’s dressing rooms and everybody had made friends from the word “go”.

As “I Can’t Control Myself” shoots into the Record Mirror’s Top Ten and looks a likely challenge for the top spot, The Troggs have had to put up with a bit of undue criticism over the lyrics of the song. Were they content to continue recording songs written by Reg Presley?

“I don’t see any reason why not, as long as he keeps coming up with the songs we like.” Chris told me. “We hope to have another LP out before Christmas, but we’re not sure if we can make it. Reg is writing a lot of material but there’s not a lot of time, we’re a bit pushed.”

How about the partial ban that was imposed on the record? Now it has been completely lifted in this country it seems to have been taken up by the Australian Broadcasting Control Board. The Troggs are due for a tour their early in 1967.

“I don’t think it will affect the visit,” Chris replied. “I don’t really know what the ban is, ‘Newly Pressed’ and ‘Five O’Clock Club’ banned it first here, but we aren’t unduly worried. We were at the time.”

“The lyrics aren’t bad when you consider some of the other songs going round at the moment. Perhaps Reg pronounces his words too clearly. He’ll have to mumble on the next one.”
(Record Mirror, 22/10/66)

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