“Stop Stop Stop”

THE HOLLIES – “Stop Stop Stop” / “It’s You” (Parlophone R 5508) October 1966

The Hollies “Stop Stop Stop” – This is actually an extremely funny (ha, ha) record. A song about, of all things, a belly dancer’s admirer. There he sits every week watching her and getting into a dreadful state, then leaping around trying to grab hold of her, knocking everyone else’s table over and finishing the whole performance by getting forcibly evicted from the establishment.

It’s terribly well done with great banjo sounds and everyone very tongue-in-cheek. Of course, a big hit. It made me laugh, but I’m not personally knocked out by it and self-identification with the lyrics – unless of course you just happen to be a frustrated belly dancer – is a little hard.
(Disc & Music Echo, 08/10/66)

Banjo? bases and intro and the Hollies, on a self-penned song, move along at a very brisk pace. It’s a story-line song, with repetitive phrases and a truly distinctive vocal arrangement.

Holds the interest; shows their consistency; deserves to be a very big hit.
FLIP: is also by the boys and is also commercial but not so immediately distinctive.
(Record Mirror, 08/10/66)

Disc & Music Echo, 12/11/66
Disc & Music Echo, 29/10/66
Disc & Music Echo, 08/10/66
Record Mirror, 08/10/66

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