“It’s My Life”

THE ANIMALS – “It’s My Life” / “I’m Going To Change The World” (Columbia DB 7741) October 1965

The Animals “It’s My Life” – Written by Messrs. Atkins and d’Errico this has the Animals in an absolutely furious and aggressive mood. Reminds me of their last one except it doesn’t have such an immediate impact. I don’t like the intro too much and they seem to have concocted a strange new guitar sound.

But Eric, in his white socks, triumphs on words about getting on in the world and making pots of money, and it grows on you. Because they’re so clever and because I’m sure this sounds even better live it will be a smash.

Flip is Eric’s “I’m Going To Change The World”
(Disc & Music Echo, 22/10/65)

An eerie guitar sound introduces Eric Burdon who has a touch of the miseries again. He’s joined by a chorus, then the instruments take over again.

Medium paced offering and much better than anything the group has done of late. repetitive phrases run through the song and on occasions the voice is slightly drowned by the backing. Bit of an ordinary flip but it has odd bursts of frenzy.
(Record Mirror, 23/10/65)

NME, 22/10/65
Record Mirror, 23/10/65
Record Mirror, 23/10/65
Record Mirror, 23/10/65

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