“Fucked-Up Children”

SPACEMEN 3 – For All The Fucked-Up Children of This World We Give You Spacemen 3″ (Spaceage Recordings) 2017

Think of late period Rolling Stones, after “Their Satanic Majesties Request” LP, then give some cheap instruments to amateurs laden with youthful exuberance, an exuberance that surpasses their mastery of such instruments, add some raw garage band potency, mix in some reverb and mid-paced blues backbeats, then smother the vocals in echo . . . . . and hear the fledgling sound of an infant Spacemen 3.

This collection of music was originally available on a demo cassette sold at gigs and an indie record shop in 1984/85. I’ve read elsewhere that bootleg vinyl LPs existed? but then the demo album was released by Sympathy For The Record Industry in 1995.

Today, is the first time I’ve ever listened to these psychedelic blues jams which are now officially available via Space Age Recordings, who have cleaned up the master-tapes and found some alternative mixes of “Things’ll Never Be The Same” and “Walkin’ With Jesus”.

“T.V. Catastrophe” is an acid drone and at just over seven minutes, it gives the listener the chance to open up their baccy tin, sprinkle around the Black Leb like it’s going out of style, wrap up the perfumed cigarette and get ready for the final couple of tracks, the previously mentioned alternative numbers.

I don’t recall any other contemporary groups sounding like this in 1984. Space-Age pioneers.

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