“Good Vibrations”

THE BEACH BOYS – “Good Vibrations” / “Wendy” (Capitol CL 15475) October 1966

The Beach Boy “Good Vibrations” – What can you say about a work of art other than stating that it is? This record is a shattering experience. It is long, and split, like a classical piece, into separate movements. It is Brian Wilson’s reply to anybody who thinks of pop music as something flippant and thoughtless.

You can listen to it and find something new at every turn of the black plastic surface it is imprinted on. Please do.
(Record & Music Echo, 29/10/66)

One of the great records of the year. A brilliant Brian Wilson production with superb sound effects and a most dynamic vocal front line, arranged with deftness and absolute commercial appeal. But just hear it.

Flip is good but was out some two years ago, before the main Beach Boy Boom.
(Record Mirror, 29/10/66)

NME, 14/11/66
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