“Gimme Some Loving”

THE SPENCER DAVIS GROUP – “Gimme Some Loving” / “Blues In F” (Fontana TF 762) October 1966

Not, at first hearing, the most catchy of Spen’s releases, but it makes up for that by sheer persistence and drive. great organ break by Stevie who is also in excellently exciting vocal form.

A trifle form-less, but it’ll be an easy smash hit. Flip is just virtuoso organ playing to drum accompaniment.
(Record Mirror, 29/10/66)

I am absolutely delighted about this. It’s the first time I’ve been really excited by a single from them since the early days of “Every Little Bit”.

For too long we have suffered those ordinary singles that really seemed no part of the group at all (although obviously did them a lot of good commercially). Now they must feel the time is right to revert back to the real music of the group, and it’s great.

Lots and lots of instrumental excitement, with crisp guitar and drum combination and Stevie, well just being Stevie better than ever. They sound really happy for the first time for ages and I think it’s all splendid. Hurrah!
(Disc & Music Echo, 29/10/66)

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