“Psychedelic Oscillations”

Bringing to your mind, fuzzed-out obscurities from the mid ’60s American underground garage and psychedelic scenes.
Expect mayhem, folk-rock, acid punk, fuzztoned guitars and noise that we still don’t understand.

Part 05
  • The Chaparrals – “Blues From A Jefferson Airplane”
  • The Dynamic Dischords – “Passageway To Your Heart”
  • First Crow To The Moon – “The Sun Lights Up The Shadows Of Your Mind”
  • The Highlifes – “Cloak And Dagger
  • The Kreeg – “I’m Over You”
  • The Lemon Fog – “Summer”
  • The Mad Lads – “Everything Is Blue”
  • The Mergers – “Love, You Funny Thing”
  • The Nervous Kats – “Simba”
  • The Rouges – “Go To Him”
  • Steve Ellis & the Starfires – “My Baby’s Gone”
  • Tommy Tucker & the Esquires – “Don’t Tell Me Lies”
  • We The People – “Half Of Wednesday”

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