“Look Through My Window”

MAMAS AND THE PAPAS – “Look Through My Window” / “Once Was A Time I Thought” (RCA Victor 1551) November 1966

MAMAS AND THE PAPAS “Look Through My Window” – The fame and success of the Mamas And Papas is a strange thing. Their sound is one of super-high strings, of massed muzzy voices and the feeling that they are singing in a room full of cotton wool. Sometimes I get a huge urge to wish that one of them would suddenly go potty and scream right in the middle of the track.

Nevertheless, it is a hit sound and it is a new kind of music, progressive indeed in it’s way. The song does not hit you immediately. it creeps up on you with beautiful words by John Phillips and a few notes on the part of the chorus that are really great.

The whole thing, which of course will be a huge hit, has a held back frantic quality. I think I like it better than anything else they’ve released.
(Disc & Music Echo, 05/11/66)

GREAT – it’s got to be a hit! Once again we hear that distinctive and highly characteristic vocal blend, in which the girls alternate with the boys – then they get together in unison for the chorus. Starts rather plaintively, but soon develops into an infectious medium-pacer, with an extremely catchy tune.

Lush sweeping strings embellish the group’s vocal patterns – in fact, Lou Adler’s production is superb. Has a real spine-tingling effect on the listener.
FLIP: Here the group displays its vocal dexterity in a brief, almost unaccompanied, little ditty. Has a folk flavour, sort of sea-shanty-ish!
(NME, 04/11/66)

A thoroughly charming and cleverly recorded mid-tempo ballad, full of interesting lyrical phrases and aided by a super smooth string backing most of the way. Must be a sizeable hit for the polish and enthusiasm of the two boys and two girls. Flip rather faster and more urgent. Clever phrasing.
(Record Mirror, 05/11/66)

NME, 04/11/66
Record Mirror, 05/11/66
NME, 18/11/66

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