“Psychedelic Oscillations”

Bringing to your mind, fuzzed-out obscurities from the mid ’60s American underground garage and psychedelic scenes.
Expect mayhem, folk-rock, acid punk, fuzztoned guitars and noise that we still don’t understand.

Part 07
  • The Bees – “Forget Me Girl”
  • Dave Starky Five – “Hey Everybody”
  • Dirty Filthy Mud – “Morning Sun Flower”
  • Dirty Filthy Mud – “The Forest Of Black”
  • The Dry Grins – “She’s A Drag”
  • The Electras – “Won’t Take No For An Answer”
  • The Flowerz – “My Sad Story”
  • The Leaves – “Do Me A Favor”
  • The Litter – “7 UP Commercial”
  • The Pulsating Heartbeats – “Talkin’ About You”
  • The Roosters – “She Sends Me”
  • The Second Edition – “To Keep You”
  • South Hampton Story – “Leave Me Behind”
the Electras
the Electras

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