“Top Of The Pops” – Volume 26

TOP OF THE POPS – “Various” – Volume 26 (Hallmark SHM 800) September 1972

Well, here we are again, exploding on the pop scene for the twenty sixth time with our smash-hit series of “Top of the Pops“.

And once again, we’ve pulled out all the stops to give you what we believe is the hottest ever album of twelve high-steppers in the Pop charts. Remember, we’ve already grabbed a fistful of No.1 spots in the L.P. charts in our short “Top of the Pops” history, but we aim to make every issue unbeatable.

Look at the sleeve, look at the great tunes; listen to our record – and see how it grabs you!


  • Children Of The Revolution (T. Rex)
  • Sugar Me (Lynsey De Paul)
  • Standing In The Road (Blackfoot Sue)
  • Living In Harmony (Cliff Richard)
  • You Wear It Well (Rod Stewart)
  • Mama Weer All Crazee Now (Slade)
  • All The Young Dudes (Mott The Hoople)
  • Suzanne Beware Of The Devil (Dandy Livingstone)
  • Walk In The Night (Junior Walker And The All Stars)
  • Virginia Plain (Roxy Music)
  • Honky Cat (Elton John)
  • Wig-Wam Bam (The Sweet)
cover version of “Standing In The Road” originally by Blackfoot Sue

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