“Rock Rock Rock”

ROCK ROCK ROCK – “Various Rock ‘n’ Roll Remakes” (Music For Pleasure MFP 1273) 1968

Well what do we have here? I found this in my local Scope charity shop for £2 and for that much I wasn’t going to let it rot in a pile of Val Doonican albums. It’s not a genre I’m particular fond of but let’s just see and hear how those Music For Pleasure studio session players made of the rock and roll classics.

The cover photograph is a winner too, a sixties twenty-something swinger dressed in her finest psychedelic dress and a side-burned to the max fella in typical ’68 ‘man-gear’. This type of loose fitting clobber was all the rage with the new groups coming onto the scene like Amen Corner, Plastic Penny and The Herd – so bang up-to-date imagery, especially with the tripped-out photography.


In spite of the hysteria of the promoters, the much-publicised ‘Rock ‘n’ roll’ revival of 1968 made little impact on the charts; but the successful British tours of Bill Haley, Carl Perkins and Duane Eddy proved that, revival or no revival, for thousands of fans over here, Rock ‘n’ Roll has never died.

The qualities that made Rock great in 1958, its directness, simplicity and driving beat, have always had a place in the charts, and the Beatles with ‘Lady Madonna’ and the Stones with ‘Jumping Jack Flash’ lent strength to the argument that it was time for pop to return from the abstruse regions it has been inhabiting recently.

On this record the great originals of Rock ‘n’ Roll are given a fresh and exciting airing. SHAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL gave Bill Haley and his Comets their first million seller, in 1954, but its follow-up ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK was the disc that really started the Rock revolution moving, and its world sales since issue of fifteen million come second only to the world’s best seller ‘White Christmas’.

In 1955 the explosive sound of Little Richard hit the charts with a song which he helped to compose – TUTTI FRUTTI, and in 1956 came the first huge hit from Elvis Presley, HEARTBREAK HOTEL. Elvis has since won more gold discs than any other singer, and 1968 showed a return to the style of his earlier discs with ‘Guitar Man’.

Another hit of 1956 was the Rock classic BE-BOP-A-LULA, which introduced self-taught singer and songwriter Gene Vincent to the charts. Jerry Lee Lewis is still the greatest exponent of Rock ‘n’ roll piano – he was educated at the Bible Institute, Waxahatchie, Texas, taught himself piano, guitar, violin and accordion, and burst on the scene with WHOLE LOTTA SHAKIN’ GOIN’ ON.

Elvis was awarded his tenth gold disc for ALL SHOOK UP, and little Richard had a seventh million seller in 1957 with GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY.

JUDY IN DISGUISE is an up to the-minute hit which takes naturally to the Rock ‘n’ Roll treatment given it here.

Maybe you were among the first frenzied fans who danced in the aisles back in the ‘fifties, or perhaps you thought that pop music began with Kenn Dodd, but whether you’re a vintage rocker, a wide-eyed tennybopper, or a hardy flower child, you won’t be able to stop yourself moving as you ROCK ROCK ROCK to the twelve great beat-filled numbers on this LP. Try it at a party – its a rave-up!

charity shop purchase @ £2

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