“If Music Be The Food Of Love . . . “

DDDBM&T – “If Music Be The Food Of Love . . . ” (Fontana TL 5388) December 1966

I bought this Dee Dee & Co album from ‘Sound And Vision‘, a shop in Chester-le-Street last Friday. I have the CD stereo reissue on Repertoire but this original pressing on Fontana is the mono mix, so I needed it.

The album had no price on it so I obtained it in a job lot with another Dave Dee LP and a Pink Floyd bootleg, it essentially was free! More about those other records in another post.

DDDBM&T were predominately a singles group, their records were aimed at teens. They wanted chart action and for several years in the late ’60s that’s exactly what they enjoyed. Most of the numbers on here are commercial pop efforts, many of which were released as singles or were given an outing as B-side entertainment.

This is an ideal album to play when you’re not really wanting anything too complex to invade your head space, colourful background noise when you’re plotting something evil e.g. world domination. The tracks on this that weren’t used for singles (A or B-sides) are still of a high quality. “”Hands Off” for instance, is an infectious Easybeats style beat raver.

Their huge British hit is on this of course. “Bend It” sold upwards to a million copies, probably more. It’s a catchy number with frequent changes of tempo, and the Greek style instrumentation added something new and refreshing to the pop music scene.

Around the same period of time that “If Music Be The Food Of Love” was released, DDDBM&T put out the non-album “Save Me.”

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