eleven albums for £17

Digging in a box of Charity Shop records:

Here we go again – When I was scouring the charity shops in Chester-le-Street for records I regretted not picking up a few more items that I noticed in one of the outlets. So, as collectors often do, I returned to the scene of the crime the very next day and bought more “Hot Hits”!

I found the majority of these records in ‘Books & Bread For Kenya‘, all of them were priced at £1 each and I may add all of them were in superb condition. A few of the covers were less that perfect but the vinyl itself (the most important thing) was in mint minus. They appeared to be unplayed. Possible dead stock from somewhere?

The ‘Not The 9 O’Clock News” LP was £5 from Scope, perhaps I paid too much for this one, but it’s an original pressing on BBC Records from 1980. The Kinks collection is from 1971, despite the garish psychedelic cover! Someone in Golden Hour’s graphic design department must have still been a Dandy from the Chelsea-Set, dropping his acid at the weekend and drawing his visions Monday to Friday.

Coming home today:

  • The Kinks – “Golden Hour Of The Kinks” (Golden Hour GH-501) October 1971
  • Not The 9 O’Clock News – TV Show highlights (BBC Records REB 400) October 1980
  • Sounds Like Hits – “Volume 5” (Fontana SFL 13124) February 1969
  • Sounds Like Hits – “Volume 6” (Fontana SFL 13149) April 1969
  • Hot Hits – “Volume 11” (Music For Pleasure MFP 5270) May 1972
  • Hot Hits – “Volume 13” (Music For Pleasure MFP 50041) August 1972
  • Hot Hits – “Volume 14” (Music For Pleasure MFP 50044) September 1972
  • Hot Hits – “Volume 15” (Music For Pleasure MFP 50050) December 1972
  • Hot Hits – “Volume 16” (Music For Pleasure MFP 50056) January 1973
  • Soaraway Party Pops – “24 Non-Stop Party Hits” (N.O.W. Sun 2) 1973
  • The Glitter Band – “Hey!” (Bell BELLS 241) August 1974

I’m going to make a post on each album and select the most appealing cut. Keep checking in for those updates.

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