DDDBM&T – “Together” (Fontana SFL 13173) September 1969

Back cover liners:

This album was recorded at Philips Studios, Marble Arch, and Lansdowne Studios, Holland Park. Album Produced for Fontana Records by Dave Dee, Ken Howard, Alan Blaikley and Steve Rowland. Cover design: Barry Saich.

When they asked me to write these notes, Dave said “Don’t get all nostalgic about it because this is our last LP together.” But it’s very difficult to avoid a bit of nostalgia in a situation like this. Their career together has been extremely successful all over the world and anyone can be forgiven for wanting it to go on.

Nevertheless, those of us who have been connected – nay, deeply involved – with Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich for the past four years fully understand the motives which have brought about the split.

Even a very comfortable rut is still a rut! Dave desperately wants to broaden his talents and Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich seek to change their music and policy as a group.

All of us, Ken and Alan – Jack Baverstock – Harold, Dick and Jennie – Steve Rowland – Bob and Len – Arthur Howes, very much hope that the five very likely lads will succeed in their new and future careers. We’ve all enjoyed the music and the antics of DDDBM&T over the past few years and we couldn’t have wished to work with a better group of artistes.

this album which you’re about to hear, or have just heard, has been recorded and produced with the same care and enthusiasm as all their records. And what a string of successful records they’ve had.

As Disc’s Bob Farmer has observed: the Beatles are the only other group to have such a consistent stream of hit records. One track on the LP – “Mountains Of The Moon” – has everybody on it, and I mean everybody.

The studio was packed with people – all friends, some of whom have become well known themselves since their association with DDDBM&T and others who have remained quietly in the background, but all of whom have played a vital part in making the group the big name it’s been all over the world.

You’ll be seeing and hearing a lot of Dave Dee and DBM&T in the future. Good luck to them and all those loyal fans who have supported them up to now. (Brian Sommerville)

Two singles were released during 1969 and all four numbers are on their “Together” album. An ironic title for their last album because it was the final time they’d actually all be ‘together’. As a long-player the material holds up really well, all of the cuts are still of a high commercial content and chart worthy.

“Margareta Lidman” reminds me of the Bee Gees, especially the arrangement, tempo and vocal harmonies – a good number. So too is the last track on side two and Beatles inspired group composition “Mountains Of The Moon” which deviates into a sort of Beach Boys ramble as it closes out.

The heavier sound and pounding bass on “Love Is A Drum” is an indication of where DDDBM&T could have headed if they had decided to continue after this album. It’s one of their most serious and progressive songs – bang up-to-date and rubbing shoulders with those potent underground sounds of 1969.

The singles “Don Juan” and “Snake In The Grass” were only minor hits by their standards though. Each one climbing as high as #23, then plummeting back out of the charts very quickly. I doubt that they sold in high quantity.


“Don Juan” / “Margareta Lidman” (Fontana TF 1000) February 1969
“Snake In The Grass” / “Bora Bora” (Fontana TF 1020) May 1969

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