“Stockholm ’67”

PINK FLOYD – “Stockholm ’67” – Gyllene Cirkeln, Sweden – September 10, 1967

I bought this bootleg album in a deal from ‘Sound And Vision’ in Chester-le-Street last Friday. The shop owner told me that he bought three copies from a visiting record dealer. I’d never seen it before!

The quality of the sleeve is high, the card is thick, the cover is glossy and the vinyl is heavy. A decent fan-only effort and I wasn’t going to walk away without buying myself a copy.

Sadly, the vocals are buried in the mix to the point where they’re inaudible, but Pink Floyd is head music. The lack of vocals is no big deal. Everything else sounds great, it’s clear that the group were at their psychedelic and creative peak. Or at least Syd Barrett was.

Remember that their first album “Piper At The Gates Of Dawn” was released on the August 5th, 1967. Just over a month later they’re attempting to blow the minds of Swedish fans. A photo from the gig has surfaced recently and it shows the audience sitting down at tables. The latter are strewn with dinner plates and pint glasses.

I’ve been researching this 1967 performance from Pink Floyd and there are numerous posts on the internet. I re-post some of the discussion from a Steve Hoffman forum thread.


Here at last is the “review” of half the show from Stockholm 1967. I have found the notes I have of the songs. So now I’m sitting here with a dram of Bowmore – will probably be another one before I have finish this email.

The show took place at Gyllene Cirkeln, which lays almost in the heart of Stockholm. It’s still there but now it’s called just Cirkeln. It’s a restaurant, then and now also. It’s open for lunch these days. I have copies of two photos from this show, you can see them in
The Amazing Pudding issue 35.

One is when they play, you see that people just finish eating on that picture. The other one is for me the last group picture of Syd as a Pop Star. (if anyone of you remember our prime minster, Olof Palme, he was shot down 1986 on open street. His last walk from the cinema, was just outside Cirkeln.)

In the summer of 1967, sorry 1986 a friend of mine asked me if I was interested to join him when he should record some tracks for his groups new album. Of course did I join him, I know that their producer was the one how did tape the show in Stockholm 1967 with Pink Floyd.

He also had a jam session with a Swedish group called Hansson & Carlsson (some of you might have heard Hansson first solo album The Lord of the Rings from 1970). The
session is about 4 hours and they did do it together with the one and only Jimi Hendrix !

He did tape a lot of shows from Gyllene Cirkeln, I think one reason was that Hansson & Carlsson did play there often. So he did have his equipment there all the time. So the show is probably recorded the same way as the audience recording from Amsterdam 1969.

He did record the show with a Revox reel and it’s on two reels. It’s the first reel that I have heard two times. You can be sure that I did try to find the other reel but it was thousands of reels laying around in the studio. He though he probably had it at home.

He said that he had to sign some kind of paper before the show, to someone, probably their manager. He couldn’t remember.

So after a recording day in the studio, which ended up with me producing parts of one track on my friends record. He started to mix the Pink Floyd reel in the studio. If I hadn’t know it was a audience recording, it wasn’t hard to think it was a soundboard recording.

Unfortunately was the sound of Syd singing wasn’t good. I don’t know if it was because something was wrong with Syd’s microphone or if Syd didn’t feel like singing properly. (remember that they saw some Swedish people just finishing there dinner – also sitting still)

So here’s what they played:

“Reaction In G”
“Matilda Mother”
“Pow R Toch”
“Scream Thy Last Scream”
“Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun”
See Emily Play”
“Interstellar Overdrive”

I actually considered flying to Stockholm to hear this but couldn’t think of a way to explain it to the wife . See below for a few short comments from from fans that attended the event.

If you’ve voluntarily sat through the Copenhagen and Rotterdam tapes, you’ll go gaga for this one. I’d say it was an “A-” recording, definitely among the very best pre-1970 audience recordings I’ve heard, and quite possibly the best.

It was a solid, heavy rockin’ performance from start to finish, the biggest thrill for me was the only live recording ever of “See Emily Play”, simply for the uniqueness and surprise of it.

Nice improvisations all in all, I think it’s rather incredible that they played this good so early in their career. “Scream Thy Last Scream” contained the best guitar work of Syd’s I have ever heard. Proto-punk.

“Interstellar Overdrive” was magic. Not very long but extremely well played and focused.
“See Emily Play” had the sped-up piano/harpsichord part replaced by sort of a primitive stomping riff, and was a superb surprise.

Very low vocals unfortunately, but crystal clear instruments. A tricky song to play and Syd being an “intuitive” guitarist makes for some jerky changes in the song. But I love it! I think first Rick and then Syd played the bridge back to the riff. Syd through some very atonal notes, quite fitting I think.

The interesting thing is that Syd was very clearly NOT a basket case. I think this recording will stand testament to those who think that Syd was pushed out of the group in favor of a new direction.

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