7 albums for £6

Digging in a box of Charity Shop records:

Here we go again – Off to Sunderland this morning folks! My aim was to scour every charity shop I could find and there are many, especially in Blandford Street. I made sure that I looked in every record rack and flicked through the lot!

I was happy to part with £6 for all of these records listed below, the budget label “Hot Hits” and “Top Of The Pops” were only 50 pence each. Honestly, I felt guilty giving the bloke a bin lid for these two, especially when the money was going to their charity, which I think was for the homeless.

I’ve seen many Jose Feliciano albums over the years but never bothered investigating his releases, but now that I’ve retired from work early, every penny counts and I’m sensibly living within my means. Gone are the days of spending £400 every month on records or sending $300 or more to USA for an obscure garage punk 45. I’m also really beginning to begrudge spending money on any postage and packing.

In fact I recently spent £6 on delivery of a couple of albums from here in Britain. What’s that all about? I’ve spent that today on six albums by simply putting in the foot work and not being so blinkered in my purchases. I’ve got no idea what Bobby Goldsboro sounds like but if there’s at least one song on there that I can appreciate, it’s worth my £1 out-lay.

As is customary, I have washed every record using my Spin Clean, then sprayed them all with Shimmer vinyl Record Cleaner. Each and every record has been improved by at least one grade and I’d happily grade them all in EX condition.

Coming Home Today:

  • Jose Feliciano – “Fantastic Feliciano” (RCA International INTS 1058) 1970
  • Jose Feliciano – “Souled” (RCA Victor RD 8008) 1969
  • Bobby Goldsboro – “Hello Summertime” (United Artists UAS 29691) September 1974
  • Tom Jones – “From The Heart” (Decca SKL 4814) September 1966
  • Glen Campbell – “Greatest Hits” (Capitol ST 21885) November 1971
  • Top Of The Pops – “Volume 19” (Hallmark SHM 750) September 1971
  • Hot Hits – “Volume 4” (Music For Pleasure MFP 5192) February 1971

I’m going to make a post on each album and select the most appealing cut. Keep checking in for those updates.

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