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JOSE FELICIANO – “Souled” (RCA Victor RD 8008) November 1968

This was the follow-up to the wildly successful “Feliciano!”, released at the back end of 1968. No doubt the swift release was to cash-in on his new found popularity and with Christmas coming soon, it would mean more potential sales.

The album title “Souled” is relevant because Jose Feliciano appears to have deliberately changed his vocal delivery, attempting to add a deeper sense of feeling to the songs he’s covering. I’m not so sure this works on a full album’s worth of material. I got a bit lost-off and lost concentration.

I preferred his singing dynamics from his previous 1968 album. That being said, I appreciate this emotive singing more that I do the Tom “I’ve got dynamite in my balls” Jones, type of shouty shouty.

Some of Hollywood’s finest session musicians played on this including Milt Holland and Jim Gordon on percussion / drums. Strings and woodwind instruments were added by Jim Horn and arranged by Al Capps.

“Hitchcock Railway” gets into an interesting funky groove with it’s organ backing, even young Jose sounds pleased to be singing along in a faster tempo. It’s a shame no other numbers are in this style. This is my winner of the “Souled” set. The song was later recorded by Joe Cocker.

Recorded in RCA’s Music Centre Of The World, Hollywood, CA

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