“A Fistful Of Dollars”

Of all films, westerns have always reached the widest audiences, not only in the United States but among cinema-goers of every nationality

I bought this record from a charity shop in Chester-le-Street a couple of weeks ago for the princely sum of one whole English pound. Can’t go wrong with a price like that can you? Sadly it appears that the previous owner must have been having their own Cowboys and Indians shoot-out over this record because there are two bad scratches on side one, making the LP jump a few times.

So, I need an upgrade because one of the damaged tracks is “A Fistful Of Dollars” – Geoff Love and his Orchestra have done an amazing job on that track especially. I could be wrong but I think I can here some kind of prehistoric synthesiser on this. could it be a Moog?


Since my initial post in December 2021 I have located a cleaner copy of this album and have created an audio music file of “A Fistful of Dollars”

back cover liners:

Of all films, westerns have always reached the widest audiences, not only in the United States but among cinema-goers of every nationality. How is it that films that deal with the doings of a small number of men during a short period of American history have managed to capture the imagination of cinema-goers all over the globe?

Perhaps it’s because everything in a western is big – the heroes are twice as heroic, the villains twice as evil, and they play out their struggle against the backdrop of the most spectacular country in the world, the parched deserts, rolling prairies and towering mountains of the American West.

Add to this the kind of action that follows when armed men are fighting for their survival in a lawless society, and you have some of the ingredients that make a Western compulsive viewing. Film composers were not slow in taking up the challenge of writing for westerns, and they have developed a style of music that expresses the romance of the West even better than the action on the screen.

With a sweep of the strings they can conjure up the limitless horizons of the Big Country, and with triumphant brass welcome the return of the victorious hero (or, when necessary, summon the US Cavalry).

Who can listen to High Noon without seeing Gary Cooper once again, facing his fate alone in the main street, or hear the theme from Gunfight At The OK Corral without almost smelling the gunsmoke as Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas fight it out with their desperate foes?

On this album Geoff Love and his Orchestra have collected together twelve of the most memorable western themes ever written. The classics such as Shane and High Noon are here, together with more recent blockbusters such as The Magnificent Seven or the Cinerama epic How The West as Won.

But, as if to show how international the Western really is, the most popular Westerns of recent years have come from Italy – they’ve stuck faithfully to a formula of blood and violence that has been drawing the crowds ever since the days of the gladiators, but they’ve also been distinguished by theme tunes (A Fistful Of Dollars, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly) that have reached the top in hit parades all over the world.

Here’s an LP that brings you all the romance and adventure of the Wild West, in film themes that will take you back to your most exciting moments in the cinema.

Put it on the record player, and dream of those wide-open spaces, that blazing sun, and the men and women who made lives for themselves in the untamed land.

charity shop purchase @ £1

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