6 albums for £5

Digging in a box of Charity Shop records:

Here I go again on another charity shop splurge but this time around though most of these records were bought from an old-school second hand shop. I had a walk over to Concord again on Saturday morning and paid a visit to “Second Impressions”.

I raked around their shop a week or so ago and came away with some good items, all in great condition – even better, they were all just 50 pence each. I left some behind that were of some interest so this time ’round I just bought them. Who knows what these will sound like? Johnny Cash religious album from 1959? What have I done?

The most expensive record was The Supremes knock-off, recorded by studio musicians. Titled “Supremes Style”, it cost me a whopping £2 from The Children’s Society, situated in Birtley. I’m fully expecting this to sound way better than the actual Supremes. It’s worth the money for the cover alone. Three afro-headed soul chicks draped in tight-fitting funkadelic gear, lounging on a way-out looking American car. All caught on camera using a fish-eye lens.

As is customary, I have washed every record using my Spin Clean, then sprayed them all with Shimmer vinyl Record Cleaner. Each and every record has been improved by at least one grade and I’d happily grade them all in EX condition.

Coming Home Today:

  • Smash Hits – “Supremes Style” (Music For Plessure MFP 5184) 1971
  • 16 Chart Hits – “Volume 6” (Contour 2870 326) May 1973
  • Johnny Cash – “Hymns By Johnny Cash” (Hallmark SHM 739) November 1971
  • The Shadows – “Another String Of Hot Hits” (Music For Pleasure MFP 5630) 1980
  • Lulu – “The Most Of” (Music For Pleasure MFP 5215) August 1971
  • Saturday Scene – “From the TV Show” (Philips 9299 270) November 1974

I’m going to make a post on each album and select the most appealing cut. Keep checking in for those updates. The amount of records I’m buying at these charity shops means that my reviews will extend well into next year.

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