“David Bloody Attenborough!”

NOT THE 9 O’CLOCK NEWS – “Taken from the BBC Television series transmitted 1979/80” (BBC Records REB 400) October 1980

This is a brilliant comedy record, complete with many of my favourite and never-can-be-beaten sketches, taken from the BBC TV series. I was only fifteen years old when this anarchic new wave comedy arrived on the scene. All the kids watched this, even the squares – probably all of our teachers at the School Comp too.

Back in the distant past when Britain could still be considered “Great” – when even BBC produced comedy shows lampooned religion, even Islamic religion, jobless blacks, our Royal Family, homosexual Christians, taking the piss out of the obese and murdering Ayatollah’s. I can’t imagine many of these sketches being allowed nowadays.

It quickly became a trailblazing smash hit, running for four series and making stars of Rowan Atkinson, Mel Smith, Pamela Stephenson and Griff Rhys-Jones. Among the many famous, and much-loved, sketches included on the LP is David Bloody Attenborough (aka Gerald the Gorilla), Points of View and General Synod’s “Life of Python”.

sketches on this record:

Death Of A Princess (An Apology) / Phone Call
David Attenborough! David Bloody Attenborough!
Confrontation Song
Airline Safety / Kennedy
National Wealth Beds
Simultaneous Translation / Pot Meals
General Synod’s “Life Of Python”
There’s A Man (In Iran) That I Can’t Resist (Much Revered Kinda Weird) Got This Chick In A (Twist):The Ayatollah Song
Points Of View
The Bleeding Bloody Esther Bloody Effing Bloody Rantzen Woman
Stout Life
Gob On You / Judge
Gay Christian
Final Demands
Bouncing Song / American Express
Oh! Bosanquet!
I Believe

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