Michael And The Slipper Tree”

SOUNDS LIKE HITS – “No. 6” (Fontana SFL 13149) April 1969

I bought this album last month from Scope charity shop in Chester-le-Street. It was only a quid so doesn’t really owe me anything. Cover and the vinyl is in great condition which is always a bonus. But what about the music?

“Get Back” and “Pinball Wizard” are weak and not very convincing, although they’re interesting to hear. These recreations demonstrate just how much power runs deep in the original versions.

The stand-out number on side one is “Nowhere To Run”, originally a miss in the charts for Martha Reeves and the Vandellas. This is a powerful cut, beautifully played. The femme vocalist has real potency in her performance. I guess I need to find some original Martha Reeves records. Duly noted!

Side two showcases a decent enough version of “Ragamuffin Man”, and a memorable little bubblegum pop number called “Michael And The Slipper Tree”. I’ve never heard this one before so had to rake around the internet for some details. It turns out to be an original single by The Equals.

back cover liners:

More great songs from the charts! The best and most popular numbers have been grabbed from the current hit parade and with brilliant accuracy are re-recorded using Rediffusion International Music’s own artists.

So accurate are these covers that its practically impossible to tell the difference from the originals. Here are twelve current hit paraders on one album. You can’t get better value.

charity shop purchase @ £1

More information about ‘Sounds Like Hits’ can be found here

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