HOT HITS – “Volume 11” (Music For Pleasure MFP 5270) May 1972

The next few albums under the spotlight are from the year 1972, so polish your clackers, jump onto your Raleigh Chopper and strap yourself into your dungarees, cos we’re probably in for a tricky ride.

These budget label ‘Hot Hits‘ comps cost £1 from a charity shop in Chester-le-Street. I have no idea what they’re going to sound like. I’ve heard a couple of the originals before but most are new.

The cover model is Caroline Munroe, later to star in the Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me (1977). Before that she was in a few low-budget films, more often than not, she went down the shops for her liver and onions dressed to impress as a Medieval bow and arrow go go Goddess.

There are a few cornball numbers on this that have a maximum cringe factor. I have no idea what Tom Jones was thinking when recording “The Young New Mexican Puppeteer”, same comical reaction for “Come What May” – both dreadful songs.

The Marmalade hit “Radancer” is faithfully recreated, good backing and vocals. Easily the best cut on side one. Over on the other side there’s a really good version of “Back Off Boogaloo” – lovin’ the gritty guitar sound on this and it’s got to be said that the vocalist is far superior than Ringo.

The version of “Heart Of Gold” is also very solid, top marks for even attempting this number. “Debora” is slightly better than the original, the fake Bolan voice is still too annoying for me to take though.

The praise nowadays for Marc Bolan on all of these TV docs etc is overwhelming. OK, he was good at sticking stars on his cheeks and wearing a feather boa but let’s be honest – he sounded like a *bleat* lost sheep *bleat* *bleat*.

Side 1

  1. The Young New Mexican Puppeteer – originally by Tom Jones
  2. Sweet Talkin’ Guy – originally by The Chiffons
  3. A Thing Called Love – originally by Johnny Cash & The Evangel Temple Choir
  4. Radancer – originally by Marmalade
  5. Come What May – originally by Vicky Leandros
  6. Stir It Up – originally by Johnny Nash

Side 2

  1. Crying Laughing Loving Lying – originally by Labi Siffre
  2. Back Off Boogaloo – originally by Ringo Starr
  3. Heart Of Gold – originally by Neil Young
  4. I Am What I Am – originally by Greyhound
  5. Amazing Grace – originally by The Pipes & Drums & Military Band Of The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards
  6. Debora – originally by Tyrannosaurus Rex

charity shop purchase @ £1

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