THE MOURNING AFTER – These seven recordings predate those on the Mystic Beat album.

I’ve had this tape of unreleased demos in my archives for decades so I thought it was time to unleash them onto my website in all of their untamed glory. Some years back on Facebook I asked leader Chris Blackburn about these ancient and forgotten recordings. Long-time associate and friend of the band Marek Pryjomko, also provided details.

Chris: “That’s jogged me memory Col. Yep that was our first time in the studio (Sheffield) basically just trying to get demo’s down to send around for gigs etc.

No internet in those days just letters and Jiffy bags. The tracks from it were used on those very early tapes that you designed the artwork for. After Captain Sensible produced the LP in the pic. he also re mixed the tracks on the audio tape a few years later. So there’s also an alternative version somewhere.

The end comment was Kev being Kev – type of thaang he’d say when we were in the boozer.”

at the practice room, Sheffield – 1988
  • She’ll Be Gone
  • Waiting On You
  • Doin’ Me in
  • Nothin’ But Trouble
  • Ain’t Like You
  • On My Mind
  • I Want Your Love

Marek Pryjomko: The master tape from this session (recorded at Priority Studios, West Street, Sheffield) was also sent to Captain Sensible who remixed the tracks from the master tape at his home studio. They have never been heard or issued yet. This was prior to the recordings for the first album for Deltic Records in Barnet.

The reason Priority studios was used was because they remastered the Live recordings from Take Two which was issued as a live cassette and also featured a track on the Homar UK Sheffield Cd in 1989 (Homar 6601)

“She’ll Be Gone” – this track Live at Take Two Sheffield recorded and produced straight from the desk by Mike Tym. Later Richard Hawley and Pulp live engineer as well as studio engineer for them and many others.

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