“Silver Machine”

HOT HITS – “Volume 13” (Music For Pleasure MFP 50041) August 1972

The next few albums under the spotlight are from the year 1972, so polish your clackers, jump onto your Raleigh Chopper and tighten the belt on your Kung-Fu pyjamas, cos we’re probably in for a tricky ride.

These budget label ‘Hot Hits‘ comps cost £1 from a charity shop in Chester-le-Street. I have no idea what they’re going to sound like. I’ve heard a couple of the originals before but most are new.

This album was released very soon after Hot Hits 12, and appears to have been shoe-horned in to tie in with the Olympic Games, held in Munich during August and September.

The photographs were taken in the Olympic Stadium and the sleeve also includes an advertisement for BEA airline on the back, which flies “To the Munich Olympics”.

Cover model is Hella Rutz who appeared in Playboy magazine around the same period in time. I haven’t been able to find any other information although it’s possible that she also pulled pints at the Munich Beer Festival.

the songs

I quite like “Automatically Sunshine” on this album, a laid-back tune with good vocals. The cover version of Hawkwind‘s “Silver Machine” is also interesting complete with weird sound effects and wah wah guitar. I bet the studio guys enjoyed putting this number down onto tape.

The vocalist employed to recreate Alice Cooper‘s singing doesn’t quite get it right coming across too gruff and a bit comical during the opening few versus. However, he appears to get into his stride as the song progresses. Good backing with some tasty lead guitar.

“Seaside Shuffle” is like a weird mix of the Wurzels and Mungo Jerry, a song about chasing the girls and getting pissed at the beach. I rate the version of “The Slider”, an obscure T Rex album cut. Considerable amount of time and effort has gone into this, a good arrangement. Same with “10538 Overture” – overall, a very good budget label release of remakes.

Side 1

  1. Automatically Sunshine – originally by The Supremes
  2. Where Is The Love – originally by Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway
  3. Popcorn – originally by Hot Butter
  4. Silver Machine – originally by Hawkwind
  5. My Guy – originally by Mary Wells
  6. School’s Out – originally by Alice Cooper

Side 2

  1. Seaside Shuffle – originally by Terry Dactyl & The Dinosaurs
  2. The Loco-Motion – originally by Little Eva
  3. The Slider – originally by T Rex
  4. 10538 Overture – originally by The Electric Light Orchestra
  5. Samson And Delilah – originally by Middle Of The Road
  6. You Wear It Well – originally by Rod Stewart

charity shop purchase @ £1

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