“Getting A Drag”

Twelve more Music For Pleasure ‘Hot Hits’ from 1972

The next few albums under the spotlight are from the year 1972, so oil your skateboard wheels, sharpen your Leeds United pen-knife and let’s all go on a teenage rampage, cos gonk heads may have to roll.

These budget label ‘Hot Hits‘ comps cost £1 from a charity shop in Chester-le-Street. I have no idea what they’re going to sound like. I’ve heard a couple of the originals before but most are new.

the songs

Rod Stewart and the Osmonds feature strongly on this ‘Hot Hits’, the latter’s version of “Crazy Horses” is given the budget label remake. It’s obvious to me that they didn’t quite have the money or studio time to recreate the loud and somewhat bombastic approach of the original.

The screaming horses sound like someone in the studio was screeching away on a bicycle pump to make that high pitched sound that made the song the hit it was.

“Getting A Drag” and “Gudbuy T’Jane” are the most interesting cuts. Let’s just say on The Slade re-hash the singer is no Noddy Holder but the backing track is strong, especially the drumming. Long live the simple and effective hand clap accompaniment.

It’s the first time I’ve ever heard most of the songs on side two so I have absolutely no preconceptions. Oh dear, what on earth was Rod Stewart recording this type of country balladry for?

The closest he’s probably been to mounting a horse and riding passed an outcrop of cacti could have been during one of his Horticultural Cowboy mash-up dreams with a visit to a Dobbies Garden Centre.

Side two is full of rubbish songs and there was nothing the Music For Pleasure studio musicians could do with these, especially “I Don’t Believe In Miracles” – Colin Blunstone‘s usual wimpish vocal delivery most likely makes his original even worse than this copy.

Side 1

  1. Getting A Drag – originally by Lynsey De Paul
  2. Rock Me Baby – originally by David Cassidy
  3. Crazy Horses – originally by The Osmonds
  4. Angel – originally by Rod Stewart
  5. I’m Stone In Love With You – originally by The Stylistics
  6. Gudbuy T’Jane – originally by Slade

Side 2

  1. What Made Milwaukee Famous (Has Made A Loser Out Of Me) – originally by Rod Stewart
  2. Crocodile Rock – originally by Elton John
  3. Why – originally by Donny Osmond
  4. I Don’t Believe In Miracles – originally by Colin Blunstone
  5. Lookin’ Through The Windows – originally by The Jackson 5
  6. Stay With Me – originally by Blue Mink

charity shop purchase @ £1

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