“You’re So Vain”

Twelve more Music For Pleasure ‘Hot Hits’ from 1973

Adventurous cover photo of a desirably slim brunette dressed in a diver’s rubber jacket, her zip undone down to her navel, revealing just enough of her charms. There’s ample temptation for teenage boys to cough up their pocket money to buy this album from Woolworth’s.

There’s the added thrill that this rubber-clad mermaid will probably hack your head off with the razor-sharp knife strapped to her right thigh. The message is quite clear boys. Look and listen to your album but keep your sticky fingers on your clackers.

the songs

“Blockbuster” is a very weak effort, the singer is all over the place on this. Even the backing has lost out to mediocrity. The Sweet have no worries. “You’re So Vain” is good and probably the best remake on side one. “Dreidal” comes away with honours too.

Side two doesn’t really come to life for me personally, the songs are just not happening. A couple of old numbers remade in 1972/73, “Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone” and “Roll Over Beethoven” should have been left in the sixties. I have no idea what the originals sound like but I’m not at all fussed to find out.

When I looked at the track list before playing this album I had a hunch that “Wishing Well” would work and it doesn’t disappoint. The most essential cover version of the whole set. Excellent backing, drum action and lead guitar frills. The vocalist is decent enough for that Free factor.

Side 1

  1. Blockbuster – originally by The Sweet
  2. You’re So Vain – originally by Carly Simon
  3. Always On My Mind – originally by Elvis Presley
  4. Relay – originally by The Who
  5. Dreidel – originally by Don McLean
  6. The Jean Genie – originally by David Bowie

Side 2

  1. Me And Mrs Jones – originally by Billy Paul
  2. C Moon – originally by Wings
  3. Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone – originally by The Temptations
  4. Ball Park Incident – originally by Wizzard
  5. Roll Over Beethoven – originally by The Electric Light Orchestra
  6. Wishing Well – originally by Free

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