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“Soaraway Party Pops” – I believe this 24-track album, released in connection with The Sun newspaper was their one and only venture into the album market. Budget label LPs featuring remakes of the hits of the day were selling quicker than George Best football boots.

It was only a matter of time before a national newspaper wanted some of the action and “Soaraway Party Pops” was The Sun’s entry point. According to the record label this album was produced by Special Products, a division of Pickwick International.

the songs

First of all there are twenty four tracks crammed onto two sides of a 33 rpm, I thought about the quality before playing this thinking that it was way too many and surely the music would suffer as a result.

There is no deterioration folks! Everything sounds as it should. The songs on here are seemingly catering for the square 1970s dad and the thirty something mother who probably listened to this while ironing her smalls all day before sidling her way into the kitchen to muster up a plate of meat and two veg for hubby’s tea.

It’s mostly all easy-listening, some of the remakes are simple instrumentals. The label seemingly couldn’t be arsed to employ a professional vocalist on tracks like “Rose Garden”, “Bridge Over Troubled Water”, “My Sweet Lord” and “Rocket Man”.

There’s “Coz I Luv You” with vocals intact and it doesn’t sound too bad. There’s not much difference between the cover and the originals of “Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep” and “The Pushbike Song” – they’re very basic constructions.

Side two follows a similar course with cover versions of T Rex, Rolling Stones and George Harrison songs. Most of the rest are geriatric friendly instrumentals and the type of songs they’d be singing at local Old Age Care Homes in 1973 . . . bless their hearts.

back cover notes

Britain’s Brightest Daily Paper – Whatever your taste in pops, The Sun is the paper that keeps you in touch. Bubblegum and beat, blues and ballads, rock and roll, R&B, C&W – they’re all part of the scene in the soaraway Sun.

Fans rave about The Sun’s pullout pop wall-charts and features like Pop Zodiac and Popalphabet. Plus super poster offers and contests with hundreds of LP prizes.

Above all don’t miss The Sun’s Monday disc column. It sizzles – in a paper that sizzles everyday and every way. A PAPER FOR ALL THE FAMILY

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