“Rock On”

The Glitter Band Release their debut album during the Summer of 1974

This group of six air-punching, bouffant lovin’ beef cakes were Gary Glitter’s backing band when he was having his glory years as a pop star. But they were a recording act in their own right and had a deal with Bell Records, releasing several hit singles and albums during the mid-seventies. It all started during the summer of ’74 with “Hey!”

There are a few choice cover versions given the Glam-Stomp ‘N’ Roll treatment, especially the vibrant opener “Tell Him”, a hit for The Exciters in 1962. Another version was doing the rounds during this time, check out the successful remake from a band named Hello.

The Everly Brothers number “All I Have To Do Is Dream” is sweetly polished with restraint stomp and thud and can be classed as a Glitter Band ballad. They end side one with the football terrace chant of the bovver-boy rocker “Rock On”. Plenty of pounding drums and sax on this, enough potency and farmyard shouting to wake the dead.

Best track though is “Angel Face” – they also reprise the song as the album closer on side two. So the listener gets two bites of this particular Glam cherry, enough to send cavemen WILD with excitement. “Angel Face” was a top five hit for the Glitter Band in 1974. A very good start lads!

Side two kicks off with “Just For You”, a top ten single and another band original with double-drum and hand-clap thud. This is the template throughout the thirteen tracks and the sound doesn’t deviate. Sam Cooke‘s “Twisting The Night Away” gets similar backbeat action but with the addition of a squalling sax break.

Actually, that’s the thing I’ve noticed here – the lead guitar is mostly buried in the mix but the sax and drums are a marching cavalcade of loudness.

Another two covers rear their heads, the Glitter Band introduce updated Glam versions of “Sealed With A Kiss” and Spencer Davis Group‘s classic mod mover “Gimme Some Loving”. The latter has been completely deconstructed and we’re left with incessant drum thumping which launches into the reprise of “Angel Face”.

A good party album to blast away on the turntable when entertaining the local delinquents and juvenile law-breakers. Something that would have sounded great and created a whole lot of excessive excitement at 1974 Christmas school discos.

Misc Notes:

John, Gerry and Harvey are now deceased.
Producer: Mike Leander

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