10 albums for £13

Digging in a box of Charity Shop records:

Here I go again with another charity shop splurge in my home town of Houghton-le-Spring on Friday and in Sunderland this morning. All in all, a worthwhile excursion to the bargain bins of the North East and where, it seems, an accumulation of budget label LP releases find their resting place.

Houghton is a small town, not far from Durham City. Over the years several of the main shops have closed their doors forever only to be replaced by low-rent charity shops full of junk and unwanted bric-a-brac. There are four charity shops operating in Houghton town centre these days!

Sometimes within these shops are hidden crates of records, usually full of stuff by Max Bygraves, Richard Clayderman and Vince Hill. Occasionally there will be Everly Brothers, Beach Boys and Manfred Mann. Common items – but items I’m willing to spend a quid or two on. This is what my “Charity Shop Excursions” are all about.

As is customary, I have washed every record using my Spin Clean, then sprayed them all with Shimmer vinyl Record Cleaner. Each and every record has been improved by at least one grade and I’d happily grade them all in EX condition.

Coming home today

I’m going to make a post on each album and select the most appealing cut. Keep checking in for those updates. The amount of records I’m buying at these charity shops means that my reviews will extend well into next year.

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