London Weekend Television Show entertain the teenage kids with an album featuring presenter Sally James

Saturday Scene was a mid-seventies music and cartoon TV programme that I can’t remember ever watching and I didn’t even know this LP existed until I found it for sale in a local second-hand shop a few weeks ago. At 50 pence it was always coming home with me.

There are two songs on this performed by presenter Sally James and a couple by a group called Love Together, they were probably the ‘house’ band. All songs were written by producer Mike Smith

A message from Sally James

Hello everyone, I am Sally James, a lucky girl who has been interviewing lots of exciting pop personalities over the last year for my programme Saturday Scene. Because this show is only seen in London I have talked to some of the most exciting stars for you all on this album.

They are lovely guys and I hope you learn a little more about your particular favourite. Enjoy yourselves.

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charity shop purchase @ 50 pence

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