7 albums for £8

Digging in a box of Charity Shop records:

Here I go again with another charity shop hunt in the local town of Chester-le-Street. The place has been a happy hunting ground for me recently so what will I find today? It’s been four weeks since my last visit so I’m hoping some donations have been given to some of the shops.

My aim was to come away with at least ten albums but I settled for seven in the end. There were a couple more Gene Pitney records with possibilities but I gave those a swerve for now. The £3 asking price for each LP put me off, I’ve become a no-job cheapskate, even though one of them was an original 1964 Stateside label release. Perhaps next time.

The British Heart Foundation proved to be fruitful with a 1965 Pitney original for £2 and there’s no way I could leave the record adorned with the navy-knickered-tight-white-vest-hugging, slim brunette girl emblazoned all over it. Only a bin lid – sorted.

The only other shop with anything worthwhile was my usual good haunt, ‘Books & Bread For Kenya’. I came away with five albums for five quid, so that’s a bag full of cheap Geordie Stotties jetting their way to Kenya – with love from me.

As is customary, I have washed every record using my Spin Clean, then sprayed them all with Shimmer vinyl Record Cleaner. Each and every record has been improved by at least one grade and I’d happily grade them all in EX condition.


I’m going to make a post on each album and select the most appealing cut. Keep checking in for those updates. The amount of records I’m buying at these charity shops means that my reviews will extend well into next year.

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