“All My Sorrows”

A careful selection of some of the many marvellous songs recorded at different stages of their career

There are numerous Shadows compilations, many on the budget label Music For Pleasure. This was one of the first, released during the summer of 1970. Featured are numbers recorded throughout their career from the early ’60s to 1967 when they recreated Manfred Mann’s hit “Semi-Detached Suburban Mr James.”

back cover liners:

Back in the beginning of the sixties, a young group of musicians were generating a huge amount of excitement with a new sound.

They were the “Shadows”. Today in 1970 the Shadows are one of the few groups who have stood the test of time, and despite a number of personnel changes the intrinsic freshness and beauty of the Shadows’ earlier music has never been lost, mostly due to the technique and undisputed genius of Hank Marvin the leader of the original group.

Having witnessed a number of live performances by the Shadows at several stages of their career, one element of their act has always shone through to justify the unique position they hold in the entertainment world; namely their complete and utter professionalism.

This not only applies to the musical ability they display on every occasion but also to their tremendous projection and ability to communicate with an audience. The Shadows however, do not stop at this. They are able, in a way which is sometimes nothing short of incredible, to capture the flow and movement of their live musical ability on record, sincerely and aesthetically.

The result of this is the first Music For Pleasure album by the Shadows with a careful selection of some of their many marvellous songs recorded at different stages of their career.

Instrumental numbers such as “Walkin'”, “Little B” and “What A Lovely Tune” show only one aspect of their talent and one only has to listen to “All My Sorrows” to see that they are also a very talented vocal group.

This LP is the sound of the Shadows, the group who were pioneers in the field of amplified music and who, incidentally were the first people to introduce the electric bass guitar as we know it today.

This LP is a statement in itself – a look back into the past at the music of one of the greatest collection of musicians ever and a symbol of hope for the future. Music and musical ideas are continually changing but the sound of the Shadows will certainly never die.

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