“One Of These Days”

The Searchers second album reissued in 1967

Here’s another one of my 50 pence second-hand shop finds from November and an excellent one it is too. Budget label Marble Arch released this during ’67 when the Searchers were no longer in the spotlight and hadn’t had a hit record for years.

“Sugar And Spice” is presented here in a mono reissue on thick and heavy vinyl. The sleeve cover has been updated with the then current line-up. Gone was Tony Jackson and Chris Curtis.

The original issue of the album “Sugar And Spice” was released on Pye Records, October 1963. It was a top five smash. The Searchers were considered one of the best Merseybeat acts, along with The Beatles and Gerry and the Pacemakers.

I have no idea why two tracks, “Unhappy Girls” and “Cherry Stones” were left off this mono reissue. There is certainly enough space on the long-player to stick with the six numbers per side.

All of the material is solid and the purist English Beat music of the decade. The guitars shimmer, background harmonies add body and drama to the songs. The drums sound like DRUMS. Producer Tony Hatch certainly got the Searchers to sound modern and valid in 1963. No wonder they were a hit with their updated versions of Buddy Holly, Coasters and Chiffons obscurities.

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