“The Good, The Bad, The Ugly”

From TV and the films in brilliant stereophonic sound

Fumbling around in a box full of charity shop records I find this album with a picture of a slim Sheriff proudly wearing his badge. Not only that, the skinny cowboy-booted law-maker has a gun in both hands. I get the hunch that this bloke is not to be messed with.

The asking price of a bin lid made this an easy decision for me. The gun-toting rebel-hater was coming home with me today. Western themes in full stereophonic sound!! If my Colt 45 wasn’t at the Gun Centre having it’s annual servicing I would have shot some bullets through the shop window in excitement.

Back cover liners:

These familiar and haunting musical themes have enhanced the action and performance to the great westerns that have entertained T.V. and Cinema audiences the world over.

In many countries the spoken dialogue has been changed – but the music always remains the same. It is music to portray the vast and lonely expanses of the American West. At times it speaks of action between “The good guys and the bad”, the music of the Frontier in its day of pioneering and awesome beauty.

These songs have been specially written for the wide screen stereo recording by Derek Cox and Leo Muller. The Cinema Sound Stage Orchestra, in thrilling audio dimension, paints a rich picture of Favourite Western Themes.

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