“The One In The Middle”

A popularity that won’t be forgotten especially if you give this album a spin on your turntable

I found this record for a quid from a charity shop in Houghton, released during May 1972 – the month my beloved Leeds Utd beat Arsenal in the Centenary F.A. Cup. Of course I had no idea about Manfred Mann until a decade or so later.

Budget label Music For Pleasure decided that the racks in Woolworths deserved a Manfred Mann “Greatest Hits” LP. When the twenty-something married wives went out to get their bottles of ‘Sheen’, after they had raided the pick ‘n’ mix bins full of sweets, they could then call in at the record department and relive their teenage youth with the Manfred Mann. Sounds a good deal to me.

back cover liners:

Manfred Mann first became popular in 1964 with their recording “5-4-3-2-1”. With lead singer Paul Jones this was soon followed by their first million seller “Do Wah Diddy Diddy”.

Their second million seller was also a 1964 opus, “Sha La La”, a delightful rock-rhythmic beat version of the song that was successful for the Shirelles.

With tours all over the world they became more and more successful and of course further hits followed, including “Pretty Flamingo”, “If You Gotta Go, Go Now” and “Oh No! Not My Baby.”

All the songs on this LP come from the period 1964-1966 and they ably demonstrate just how good this group was and why they deserved their fantastic popularity. A popularity that won’t be forgotten specially if you give this album a spin on your turntables.

charity shop purchase @ £1

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