Newly recorded in Nashville, Tennessee – their all-time greatest hits

I have many Everly Brothers records – albums, singles and CDs but I’ve never really bothered with any “Best Of” or for that matter their material recorded before 1964. This album is their re-recordings made in 1971 of all of their early teen friendly hits from the late fifties and early sixties.

By the late sixties and early seventies I don’t think the Everly Brothers meant anything more than the ‘old-timers’ gig circuit. They hadn’t had a hit record for years. The kids just weren’t interested in old acts like the Everly’s anymore.

This is probably the reason behind Warner Bros placing a promo photo on the front of the album cover. It no doubt fooled a lot of people into buying this thinking they were going to get the old hits they knew and loved. Technically, the did as re-recordings. It was probably deemed too risky to use a 1971 photo of the brothers – they just weren’t happening.

It’s a record I found in a local charity shop, it was in a box along with one by the Beach Boys – which I wrote about last month. Quite a lucky find because both records were in lovely condition. A well taken-care of record is always a bonus.

back cover liners

Like a lit up juke box stuffed with nothing but hits . . . This album does what it says in its title. It bests. “The Very Best of The Everly Brothers” has to be quite an occasion.

It certainly was when it was recorded. When Don and Phil returned home – to Nashville, where the whole pop country sound begins – it was a Saturday-type occasion.

Seemed like every important country musician in the state turned out. Made Don and Phil welcome in town and, when the twosome hit the recording studio, blew nearly every fuse in twelve counties.

It was (and is) a wild one, all right.

What comes out, when men like producer Wesley Rose and song writer Boudleaux Bryant (who wrote five of the hits in here) back in charge of the “sound” of the Everly’s, is deluxe music making.

Sometimes hits can get stale. But not these. These have grown bigger, just like all of us. That compelling dance beat gets even harder to turn off. It needs no arguing. It’s just what the title says: it’s The Very Best.

charity shop purchase @ £2

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