“Happy Man”

Flower power folk rock outfit from Goshen, Indiana

This entry is a random update from 19/05/09. I’ve just delved into a box of 45s and this one by These Vizitors was my choice for experimentation through a new sound restoration program I bought the other day. It’s called ‘Sound Forge Audio Lab 4

THESE VIZITORS – ’Happy Man’ / ’For Mary’s Sake’ (Capitol P-2163) May 1968

Flower power folk rock outfit from Goshen, Indiana who enjoyed a strong local following. They signed to Capitol and travelled to New York City to record some songs at their studios.

The upbeat flower pop tune ’Happy Man’ recalls Mamas and the Papas or The Sunshine Company. It’s got that male/female vocals and folk rock backbeat that many bands had during the mid 60s, although by May 1968 this sound was probably last years news.

The flip ’For Mary’s Sake’ follows the same trip but the guitar sound is a little more experimental and the vocal arrangements are rather good. Both songs are credited to Richard Curtis and Michael Curtis.

Some unreleased These Vizitors recordings surfaced on u-spaces compilations Psychedelic Archaeology. ’Rippling Road’ can be found on Volume 6, whilst ’Reacher Teacher’ turned up on Vol 7.

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