6 albums for £11

Digging in a box of charity shop records:

My first charity shop dig for records proved to be very productive with some more ‘Top of The Pops’ budget albums coming home with me for the final resting place. It pays to regularly check your particular shops because this collection of ’70s junk’ wasn’t there the day before!

I’ve come to realise that budget label compilations were unlimited back in their heyday of the early to mid seventies. There is no way I’ll ever collect them all as the well appears to be as deep as the North Sea.

But as long as I find them and in some small way resurrect them into the modern digital world I will experience a semblance of euphoria.

Coming home today

I’m going to make a post on each album and select the most appealing cut. Keep checking in for those updates. The amount of records I’m buying at these charity shops means that my reviews will extend well into 2022.

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