“Paper Plane”

Your twelve tops of the month

Scantily clad lasses on the front cover of budget re-make albums can only mean one thing. Yes, we’re being transported back to the early ’70s for a collection of hit records that were dominating the chart during the last few months of 1972.

This must have been one of the very best covers around and I’m sure it lured many a frisky teenager to dig into his pockets for the money to buy it. I wonder who the model was parading around in hot pants with her long hair draped around the back of her royal blue, long sleeved shirt – virtually unbuttoned of course!

All of the numbers are decent recreations of the originals and as usual there are a few stronger cuts that elevate them above the others. Gary Glitter‘s Glam pounder “Do You Wanna Touch Me?” and Status Quo‘s proto-pub rocker “Paper Plane” emerge victorious.

Back cover liners:

Today’s Top Of The Pops while they are hot on the BBC Charts. The original hit sounds that are selling millions. Look for an exciting new album of up-to-date hits each month. Build the most exciting collection of pop tunes in your neighbourhood.

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