“Keep Searchin’ (We’ll Follow The Sun)”

The early years of a great singer, and one of the original teen idols

I found this copy of Del Shannon “The Best Of” in my local British Heart Foundation charity shop for £2 last November. It’s taken me two months to get it onto my turntable.

It all seems a little strange listening to these songs in stereo, all of the Beatles Beat era numbers were recorded in mono surely? Perhaps they’ve all been re-processed in stereo although there’s no indication on the cover or label to suggest that has been done.

“The Best Of” rounds up most of Del’s singles released in Britain during the period 1962 to 1965. “Keep Searchin'” and “Stranger In Town”, both original compositions demonstrate a tougher sound to come culminating with his hard drivin’ rocker “Move It On Over” from the back end of 1965.

The compilation was first released on Dot Records in 1967, the Contour re-issue dates from mid 1973. Check out the stereo version of “Keep Searchin’ (We’ll Follow The Sun)”

Back cover liners:

Of all the hitmakers to emerge over the past decade Del Shannon has probably the most distinctive voice. On this Contour album all the big ones like “Hats Off To Larry”, “Runaway” and “Little Town Flirt” are featured.

An album to listen to, and be reminded of, those early years of a great singer, and one of the original teen idols.

charity shop purchase @ £2

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